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Olga Pavlova

Mass and Pro Interfaces: Find as Many Differences in Production as You Can

Being about 5 years on interface market, we discover (after some failed projects), that there are some deeply hidden differences between mass (popular) faces and specific ones. They looks similar, however we should create them in two absolutely different ways. So, let’s talk about it.

Dmitry Kostiuk

Lovely gray buttons: the vivid history of widgets evolution with snippets of code

The talk covers a 30-years evolution of widget toolkits, which took place along with the historical changes in a desktop GUI. Architecture specifics, API, visual styles and user experience are compared. Alongside the source code fragments, live demo of the appropriate GUI is shown with use of…

Tatyana Rodionova

Automatic Proofreading and Evaluation of User Assistance

Today’s world is abuzz with automation. With software developers among pioneers of this big trend, it is just the right time for technical writers to jump on the bandwagon. Come see how Schematron can take the most tedious and mind-numbing tasks from you to make your documentation shine.

Ekaterina Gert

Project team against design thinking. Why?

Imagine that you have caught the idea of design thinking after trainings, books or any report.

You decided to take the first step and try it with your team.

What are the 5 reasons prevent you to do it and how you can prepare for this?

secr-speakerIlya Philippov

New approach of network function creation

We will present new approach of network function creation. We suggest to refuse special middle-boxes or virtual machines and move on to fast creation of scalable virtual network functions based on sequential chaining of predefined templates.

We suppose that our publication will be…

Igor Kozlov

How to use Cucumber to teach developer writing tests

When vendor gives you no tools for testing SaaS system. When developer couldn’t write tests or just doesn’t want to. Than the combo of Selenium and Cucumber would save your nerves and hundreds hours of regression testing.

secr-speakerViktor Valchuk

How to make frequent delivery to multiple clients, executing projects in multi-project environment

Presents a method of management of the company, carrying out frequent delivery to multiple clients, executing projects in multi-project environment.

Nikita Efimov

Transforming UX culture

Working in different companies and starting to build the design process from the ground, I always faced the same thing: it is not enough to build process within the design team or between design team and different dev-teams. It is necessary to spread the UX infection at all…

Max Gaponov

Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking is the one of contemporary methods for organizing an effective working process under high uncertainty circumstances. During this workshop attendees will have an opportunity to practice the method, go through all stages and learn some tools for using in real life projects.

Yana Chirko

Attraction of investments in a start-up – how to negotiate with an investor?

“As part of the report, I will talk about why the investor is not interested in taking away “the idea” from the startup, whether the options work in Russia, danger of the business in equal shares from a legal point of view, as well as ways of attracting of investments, which can be discussed…

secr-speakerKirill Bunchukov

Distributed web application testing using Selenium framework

Sooner or later a project involving large high-loaded systems faces the deficit of time allocated to testing. The need to implement new functionality, support several platforms, and fulfill customer requirements, leads to a situation when the project manager requests a report with test results…

Roman Iovlev

Power overwhelming with JDI 2.0 or UI automation with ease

Progress could not be stopped. The most powerful framework for UI automation becomes more powerful. More languages, more elements, more features and all of this with easy interface and great usability.

See more about new features of JDI 2.0 in my presentation on SECR.

secr-speakerAndrey Danilov

Software package based on dynamic models for software reliability estimation and development planning

I will share my experience in a software package creation and usage. This program bases on dynamic models and was created for reliability estimation and development planning. Listeners can use this experience for projects planning and optimization. This approach can be used for development…

Nikita Efimov

How to give feedback

During our everyday work, we constantly face the need to give feedback to colleagues: about their actions, work, presentation during meeting… About everything. But we either do not give such feedback, or often it turns out not quite constructive.

In this workshop we will try in a…

secr-speakerVsevolod Kotlyarov

Approach to the Effective Adaptation of Applications for the Hybrid Supercomputer

Available approaches to the software parallelization deliver superb results when algorithms demonstrate obvious parallelism. Otherwise, their transformation to the parallel representation requires an analysis of dependencies in parallel threads on data and costs of the parallel supercomputer…

secr-speakerVictor Burkhovetskiy

An Exact Parallel Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem

We describe an exact algorithm for traveling salesman problem based on simplified branch-and-bound algorithm developed by E. Balas and N. Christofides, parallelized with OpenMP on a multi-core processor. It has shown better performance than algorithms in preceding articles and works. Our…

Nadia Tarasiuk

We are so different, but we are… working together

In my report, I will talk about cross-cultural communication in IT.

I will acquaint listeners with useful models in this field (i.e. G.Hofstede and others). I will tell on many examples with what difficulties one can encounter if one have a customer, contractor or partner from another…

Airat Sadykov

Test Automation using robots

Our team has found some unusual applications for the robot, which is used to automate testing in the software development project for a complex medical device. As you know, medical standards are one of the most stringent in the market, therefore testing of medical devices is one of the most…

secr-speakerDenis Dubrov

Why OPS (Optimizing Parallelizing System) May be Useful for Clang

Open Parallelizing System is a compling system for high-performance accelerators. The talk presents several advantages of OPS over LLVM and GCC. The high and low level intermediate program representations of compiler systems are being compared. The talk is intended for those who are interested…

Kate Potapova

Intelligent Words for Intelligent Things: How People and Things are Going to Communicate on the Internet

In our talk, we are going to present audience the next big thing in IT, the new “facebook”. This new “facebook” will be created not for people, but for mobiles, fridges, cars, shoes etc. because it’s intelligent content for intelligent things. Infrastructure for…

Dmitry Korzun

Edge-centric and Fog Computing Paradigms in Development of Smart Applications for Internet of Things Environments

Now technological advances of the Internet of Things (IoT) result in appearance of powerful dedicated connection boxes, high-capacity mobile end-user devices, and ubiquitous wireless networks. The users become concerning about trust, privacy, and autonomy; they require taking the control of…

Maxim Tsepkov

Business analysis: from vague concepts to implementation and further development of IT-solution

Classic business analysis practices had been developed at the time when business would had specified requirements for IT. And the only business analyst’s objective was to formulate them for IT in clear language. It was sufficient to meet these requirements for the success of a…

Anastasiya Kornilova

MEMS-sensors in Computer Vision: we underestimate them

A key challenge in such areas of computer vision as video stabilization, 3D-reconstruction, SLAM, VR, is to increase energy efficient and performance of algorithms being implemented. In most cases, a detection of camera movement and rotation is a significant consumer of a computational power.…

Dmitry Tsitelov

May I change this API a bit?…

Common libraries API supporting and evolution is a difficult task. How many projects will be broken if this method is removed? Is anyone using this parameter? Performing such analysis is not easy. To do it a new tool has been developed. It scans Maven repositories and analyzes artifacts from…

Igor Markov

Creating system services for Android platform

In this presentation I’m showing how to create system services for the Android platform. The main goal is to control hardware added to the system board. Creation of HAL(Hardware Abstraction Layer) modules is presented as well.

This presentation is for Java/C/C++ developers who want…

secr-speakerEkaterina Rezantseva

Definition of the digital transformation process

Today around the world there is a discussion on the topic of digital transformation, but so far none of the organizations has taken responsibility for determining what is digital transformation. We have tried on empirical experience and on the basis of existing developments on this topic to…

Clemence Lebrun

Getting Started with Watson APIs on Cloud

This hands-on (workshop), technical session demonstrates the key capabilities of Bluemix and Watson services. Attendees will first learn how to play with Node-RED and Watson services such as Text To Speech, Speech to Text, Conversation, Tone Analyzer, then they will learn how to integrate Watson…

Nikita Koval

Why my UI lags?..

How often do your users report issues about lags in UI applications even if no lags are detected during the testing phase? Ours do sometimes. And it is normal because it is really hard to find them in advance. But we all expect another way. So we have developed the special tool for detecting UI…

Inna Seledtsova

Using tools of System Dynamics in Agile-oriented project management of software engineering

In the report (which is the result of long-term researches of authors and also their practical experience) are covered questions of use system dynamics tools for project management in software engineering. Problems which the teams practicing Agile (especially young teams) face are allocated and…

Aleksei Semin

Building an efficient user-facing DSL for time-series analysis

How to build an efficient user-facing DSL ready for integration. Which technologies simplify engineering of a compiler which simplify experience with the DSL.

secr-speakerAndrey Karpenko

Testing the severe telecom

The 21st century is the age of the mobile Internet. How does the mobile operator manage the process of subscriber traffic accounting? How are these processes tested? How did we automate the testing process? I will discuss all this in the report.

Also, what practices and tools are used in…

secr-speakerAnna Koroleva

New methods in training specialists, demanded on the international labor market, in the context of digital transformation

New challenges in the field of new IT-specialties in the international labor market create a huge shortage of specialists. The report will address the main problems of training specialists in new directions in the field of IT and ways to solve them in the context of digital transformation as…

Vladislav Kotov

What else can the analyst give to the team or the basis for continuous learning.

The value of the system analyst in the team. A systematic approach to the development of the Agile team.

Oleg Golubev

The Way of the Chameleon. How to automate recoloring of a big platform

Any flexibly customizable platform must comply with a unified design system, the creation and support of which is a major effort that includes the automation of color scheme management. I will tell you about a long way that our team covered to improve the documentation and automation of color…

secr-speakerAnton Iarkin

Comparison of open-source and enterprise PACS systems in Polenov Russian Scientific Research Institute of Neurosurgery

Author compares the implementation of an open-source system with enterprise system for storing and transferring medical images at X-ray department, Polenov Russian Scientific Research Institute of Neurosurgery.

This report will be of interest to developers and users of medical…

Dmitry Soldatenkov

Improvement of hybrid solutions for the development of cross-platform mobile applications

What is the hybrid architecture
Overview of current solutions, comparison with alternative solutions(non-hybrid).
Overview of problems in existing hybrid solutions
Transfer of server platforms to mobile device for recreate the familiar environment of web and full-stack…

secr-speakerNatalia Zhelnova

One more talk about the requirements management, or On the myths about Agile, its tools and methods

The speech will be focused on the business cases of selecting the tools used for requirements gathering and managing, and approaches to the requirements managing process organization.

Ilia Shishkov

Safe development of a large project’s code

In the talk I will describe a sequence of steps that I use in my practice every time when I need to change code in a large project. The steps are:
1) create an interface
2) embed the interface into the existing code
3) cover the interface with tests
4) implement the…

secr-speakerOleg Garipov

Practical aspect of Design Thinking methodology in development of complex solution and products

In this article, I will provide you information how we, in IBM Interactive Experience practice, use IBM Design Thinking methodology to deliver project aimed for development and implementation of complex web/mobile solution for our clients.

Ill tell you about basic principles of IBM…

Carsten Mueller

Optimizing a component-based Software Architecture using Swarm Intelligence

An innovative and fast solution for optimizing a software architecture is presented. This optimization, based on Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and similarity, is focusing maximum cohesion and minimum coupling in a component-based software architecture.

Nikita Koval

Checking concurrent data structures correctness

Writing multithreaded programs is considered problematic by many developers, however testing these programs is not easier. In this talk, Lin-Check tool is presented – a new instrument for checking linearizability of multithreaded algorithms and data structures written in Java. The first…

secr-speakerIlia Kuznetsov

Innovation Accounting: build the product on the growth metrics

What should be done next in the product? We’ll show the innovation product managers how to make product decisions to drive growth, using startup accelerator cases of innovation accounting.

Nikita Koval

Time machine for Java

Writing unit tests for time dependent functionality may be very hard. It sounds logical to manage time during testing, but simply replacing System.currentTimeMillis() and similar methods invocations with virtual clock does not solve the problem. It is necessary to assure consistency between…

Alexander Chistyakov

On development of a framework for massive source code analysis using static code analyzers

Authors describe architecture and implementation of an automated source code analyzing system which uses pluggable static code analyzers. A module for gathering and analyzing the source code massively is described in details. Authors also compare existing static code analyzers for Python…

secr-speakerNikita Belkovskiy

From testing to QA. How bad project turned into my own launch pad.

I have seen different projects with different difficulty, different teams and different management. I can’t say that that I always was a tester. But I can tell about how “weak” project made me feel Quality Assurance for real.

Stanislav Sartasov

Lions, Swans, Monkeys – A New Approach to Biometric Menagerie

Biometric system users’ classification based on their recognition quality is an important issue when developing and exploiting such systems. Existing approaches based on a biometric menagerie concept are described and their limitations are shown. A new classification using biometric…

Nazim Faour

Transparent Voting Platform Based on Permissioned Blockchain

A broad comparison between ongoing voting systems has studied by analyzing their structure and the drawbacks that should consider in future to improve the whole election process from keeping the privacy of the voter, casting a vote with the possibility to check if it was counted correctly to…

Anatoly Ivanov

How to make the cool project

Secrets of great project from the R&D manager with 15 years of team and project management experience

Mikhail Rubin

Applications of TRIZ Methods in SW Development and Design

The article presents the further developement of the report presented on SECR-2009. It was written specially for SECR-2017. In contradistinction to the previous report the current article gives the review of TRIZ application experience, as well as an algorithm of analysis and development of…

Andrey Kholyavkin

How to pass customer interview

A generalization of experience, cases and recommendations on how to organize a successful client interview passing by a developer – from the project manager perspective. Should be useful for PMs and developers, as well for customers who hiring devs/teams.

Muhammet Ali Asan

Development of an In-Vehicle-Infotainment System for Smart Buses

In my talk,I will present audience how a regular tablet pc is converted into a full functional in-vehicle-infotainment system to be used in smart vehicles of world-class bus manufacturer of TEMSA.The system required us to solve interesting problems,one of which is sending IVI software updates to…

Oleg Voronov

Methods for checking completeness requirements in custom development

In the report, I will talk about methods for checking the completeness requirements that we use in automation projects. I’m going to talk about where to look for when analyzing customer documentation, why templates are needed and why it’s useful to play with the customer.

Olga Samarina

Economic justification of the effectiveness of design thinking

Design thinking is the methodology recommended for projects with a high degree of uncertainty.

Is it possible to calculate the effectiveness of its use?

Evgenii Anastasiev

Log-Structured SiLo

There is an important task of reducing the cost of storage in the cloud infrastructure. One of the most known technologies of saving space and reducing the cost of storage as a result is deduplication.

This paper presents an effective method of combining technologies of selective…

Svetlana Lazareva

Smart Face Control: Machine Learning Algorithms for Efficient SSD Caching

This paper describes a new algorithm of SSD cache filling based on analysis of requests to the storage system – with the use of machine learning methods. The goal of this research is extension of the SSD lifecycle in working scenarios where SSD is used as a caching device.

Alexey Spirkov

Heterogeneous mesh-networking implementation features in Russian new real-time operating system MACS

We will tell about development and implementation of self-organizing networks algorithms in real-time operating system MACS. Our solution was developed for chip Milandr 1968ВН034 with PLC and RF channels as the main features providing heterogeneity.

In recent time mesh-networking is used…

Pascale Xelot-Dugat

Why startups like cloud?

In the last 5 years, the number of IT startups increased drastically and in the same proportions, the number of Unicorns. Cloud is a key component of this acceleration. In the session, participants will learn more about the startups requirements related to cloud, Design thinking and agile…

secr-speakerYuriy Kovalev

Clean code in commercial development. Is there a limit to perfection?

This report suggests looking at the problem of dirty code in development and support of large commercial projects. We will consider the famous Boy Scout rule in action, on examples from life. There will be presented various techniques that allow to clean up very messy and complex code in the…

Nikita Kovrigin

Design of PyTest-based Framework for Modules that Use RabbitMQ and REST

How to achieve fast test development process and make it easy for QA engineers to write tests and don’t think about difficulties?

How to save our time and resources if test objects are “big” and “complex” using pytest?
We have our own experience and…

Tatiana Maksimova

Test automation system as a project itself: from solution by request to the general basics

In this article, I would like to share my experience of managing automated testing processes in case of limited resources and of step-by-step implementation of test automation “culture” inside an organization. I represent the solution for a non-trivial case and hope that it will helps listeners…

Clemence Lebrun

Develop IoT apps using the Node-RED visual tool

Attendees will learn about creating IoT apps using cloud services, a cloud platform and the flow-based programming tool Node-RED. I will give a technical overview of the different developing tools, I will share my experience with Industry related examples I worked on and I will give a live demo…

Yuri Sorokin

Evaluation of developers. Do you want to lose the best developers?

The numerical metrics for assessing the effectiveness can destroy any IT-department. As a project manager and product manager, I’ll share examples of how evaluation leads to a massive riot of IT-department and show how you can try to make an evaluation of the developers working &…

Pavel Begunkov

Checkpoint/restore of file locks from userspace in Linux

In this report, I will talk about checkpoint/restore(c/r) of running programs in Linux from userspace. The work will give a brief overview of live-migration and checkpoint/restore tools, and the methodologies used in them. In particular, the CRIU project will be described, on which current work…

secr-speakerFatna Elmendeli

Towards Detecting Malicious content in Online Social Networks

We propose a new approach for detecting malicious content in social network based on a filtering content algorithm for recommender system.

Naum Feygenson

Data Science and TRIZ: Interconnections? Interaction?! Insights!

Application TRIZ based approach for identification and solving Data Science problems.Contemporary versions of TRIZ (i.e. GEN TRIZ’s methodology and ITRIZ methodology) are successfully used for creating conceptual models and problem solving to non-standard problems in numerous fields of…

Nikolay Efanov

Constructing the Formal Grammar of System Calls

The mathematical model of userspace-based process tree reconstruction via syscall sequences is constructed on the basis of the type-0 formal grammar and prototyped as two-staged grammar analyser with 3 heuristics for grammar shortening. The prototype has been developed to compare with…

Eduard Tibet

Single sourcing technical documentation: is it well suitable for your team or not?

The scope of this presentation is a single sourcing technical documentation – from the point of choosing the right one and practical use. The main goal is to show to session participants an applicability or impracticability of single sourcing in context of different IT-companies: big and…

secr-speakerPavel Kosov

The application of a procedural-parametric paradigm in the development of programs in regular programming languages

The article examines the methods of evolutionary software development with the use of the procedural parametric paradigm of programming.

This article is based on “Evolutionary software development using procedural-parametric programming” (SECR 2013)

secr-speakerNick Volynkin

Docs like code in Enterprise

How a dozen writers and thousands of pages moved to developing docs like code. How processes have changed, what troubles we’ve overcome, how we introduced DevOps and automated all routine jobs.

Georgy Pchelintsev

Virtual reality – laws from the reality

Internet created a completely new information space once and initially it was a territory of freedom from the law. Virtual reality creates a new more complex information space, now the legal field is better prepared for the virtual reality – I’m considering the question of which…

Alexey Sushkov

And then, surely, suddenly the clouds will dance!

Clouds and virtualization – modern trends in the IT industry. Telecom operators build their TelcoClouds using NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) и SDN (Software-Defined Networking) standards. In my presentation I’ll start from the basics of virtualization. Next we’ll…

Julien Simon

Deep Learning for Developers

In recent months, Deep Learning has become the hottest topic in the IT industry. In this session, we’ll explain its basic concepts in simple terms. We’ll demonstrate how to build, train and use models based on different types of networks and finally we’ll share some optimisation tips.

Ekaterina Politsyna

Task Dispatching System for the Complex of Natural Language Processing Tools

High calculating resources requirements for processing even typical computer linguistics tasks and durable execution of complex algorithms significantly obstruct the development of multi user program linguistic tools.

The report describes the developed task dispatching system for the…

Ekaterina Lavrischeva

Basic foundations of Software Engineering

Defines General concepts and fundamental basics of software engineering. Developed programming paradigm (modular, object, component, service, aspect, etc.), Assembly method of system of the elements of the paradigm and a new discipline of software engineering. The General provisions of the new…

Georgiy Savchenko

Developers’ growth and education system in an outsourcing company: our experience

The ability to build a system to grow and educate developers inside a software development company is crucial to achieve competitive advantage. In the presentation we will tell about our experience in building such a system. The presentation will be useful for development company CEOs, CTOs and…

Alexander Naumov

Development of the algorithm for automatic recognition of cardiac rhythms

The task of automatic recognition of the heart rhythm is considered as one of the main tasks when creating automatic defibrillators and multifunctional diagnostic tools. Creating an algorithm capable of analyzing the ECG and automatically detecting the current heart rhythm with high accuracy is…

Semyon Grigorev

Context-Free Path Querying with Structural Representation of Result

Graph data model and graph databases are popular in such areas as bioinformatics, semantic web, and social networks. Language-constrained path querying is one of graph analysis tasks. The most popular tools provide mechanisms for regular constraints specification. But it is not enough in some…

Ivan Anisimov


How we created end2end DevOps solution using Kubernetes.

secr-speakerKirill Lebedev

The architecture of a client application

The speech will be useful for colleagues who are engaged in the development of client applications for Windows and other operation systems. The speaker proposes to begin designing a software system not from building a domain model and not from identifying classes, but from dividing the…

Maussymzhan Nurmagambetova

On the dark side of the moon. Ideal Supplier through the eyes of the state customer

The report with the cases which are brought closer to real projects on that why IT and government customers find it difficult to understand each other. By what rules do Public authorities play. What they implicitly expect, and what they keep silent about.

Lyubov Averina

Case study: ETL test automation

I will present an example of automated tests for ETL functionality.

We will examine an implementation in Java, and how it embodies the standard requirements for autotests: maintainability, extensibility, and transparent reports.

Working code will be available for downloading.

Rachida Hassani

Hybrid method specific to the management of digital projects in an the era of digital transformation

This paper proposes a specific hybrid method for the management of digital projects in order to be on the same speed of the digital transformation.

Ivan Perl

Improving quality and efficiency of REST API development and maintenance based on “quick” API prototypes

This presentation describes practices and approaches for improving efficiency of REST API development and maintenance for scaled enterprise solutions. Proposed approaches are developed and used for building a next generation modelling platform sdCloud and allow well synchronization of…

Vasiliy Mikhailov

What we think of CMMI year after assessment

Year ago we were assessed on CMMI L3 Dev & Svc and year before we were just choosing the way to improve our work. Which problems we faced two years ago and why we chose CMMI, what changed as result of this work will be shown at this presentation.

Alexander Legalov

Language and tools for the development of architecturally independent parallel programs

The report supposes to address the problems of modern parallel programming, related to the constant need for recoding of programs when parallel computing systems are changing. As an alternative, we propose an approach based on a paradigm that provides an architecturally independent development…

Ilya Novikov

Digital bond blockchain circulation

Within the framework of our project, it is proposed to develop an infrastructure based on distributed blockchain technology for the issuing activity, organization of secondary circulation of digital bonds and their repayment.

Igor Burenkov

Beware of the Pgpool!

Pgpool-II: It was smooth on paper…

In this report, we will discuss in detail the challenges and solutions we experienced while working on a real high-loaded system development project.

We will also explain why, in the end, we had to abandon the use of Pgpool-II and what solution…

Konstantin Semenov

Pre-project investigation. Who needs that stakeholder, anyway?

Often, pre-project investigation stage omitted due time absence, unclear value, or lacking of understanding.

In my presentation I’ll share the reason and value behind this stage, show unfortunate examples of ignoring it and provide a couple of practices that will provide project…

Andrey Malashenko

Compositing native and Web technologies for creating UI with Chromium Embedded Framework

In my report, students can learn non-standard scenarios for using the Web engine in desktop applications: Off-screen rendering, mutual integration of JS and C ++ code, creating a virtual server without opening ports, automating user actions in Web pages. These scenarios are successfully…

Pavel Kostenetskiy

Modeling parallel processing of databases on the central processor Intel Xeon Phi KNL

This paper describes development of a mathematical model that investigates effectiveness of a new multicore accelerator with Intel Xeon Phi Knights Landing hardware architecture in terms of parallel database processing.

Ksenia Antonova

From Knowledge Acquisition to Knowledge Management

I would like to tell you about T-Systems experience in Knowledge Management for international distributed project teams – how to establish systemic approach for knowledge transfer, knowledge sharing and how to keep and increase project knowledges.

Faina Khaet

The extended model of goals ,operators, methods and selection rules (GOMS) for gesture interfaces

Extended model of goals ,operators, methods and selection rules (GOMS) for quantifying gesture interfaces suggested. User experience of interacting with gesture interface, controlled by hand motions, analyzed. The components and coefficients of extended model are proposed, experimentally tested…

Yuriy Shvayka

Fantastic Analysts and Where to Find Them?

I will present my experience for analyst recruitment. The presentation will describe different types of analysts and will answer the questions – what is the difference between them, how to understand what analyst is required on the project and how to find the suitable one. Main focus of the…

secr-speakerRoman Dimenko

Distributed teams and virtual offices, 10 years ahead prediction

With the boost of modern technologies current environment is rapidly changing. We`re heading towards borderless digital world and the same is applicable to the working environment. Current presentation is devoted to the overview of the transformation of the IT companies through the last 15…

Stanislav Mushkat

When the trees grow to the sky

How to scale the infrastructure and processes of a growing company to speed up the products delivery to the users.

secr-speakerRoman Dimenko

Enterprise class SQL Server monitoring in distributed production environments with high number of servers

For those IT professionals who have to deal with SQL Server administration, maintenance and monitoring in mission critical environments on daily basis. Either accidential DBAs or professional DBAs looking for free standardized monitoring solutions.

secr-speakerDmitry Irtegov

On one source of latency in NFSv4 client

Due to VFS architecture limitation, Linux NFSv4 and 4.1 client cannot join RPC requests into compounds even in cases when it is allowed by protocol specification. This leads to the high sensitivity to the network latency and loss of performance on metadata-intensive operations, especially on…

Alexey Kopytov

sysbench: from a utility to a universal load generation platform. Analysis of architecture and functionality.

The sysbench load generation utility, originally created for internal use in MySQL AB and intended for the analysis of MySQL performance and hardware/OS characteristics that are important for a database server, became a MySQL benchmarking standard over the next few years and is currently used…

Sergey Sobolev

Addressing conflicting business goals in systems design by TRIZ means of conflicts resolution

Software intensive systems engineering usually is combination of compromises of conflicting non-functional requirements like reliability and costs, performance and flexibility, with functional (business) requirements situation is similar. Finding a strong solution without compromises is easier…

Andrey Tabakov

How to integrate Kotlin in existing Java project

If you has an existing projects. You want to support them further and you like modern technologies, so this report for you.

Sergey Isaev

Building information systems based on semantic networks. #Knowledge graphs, #Semantic web

1. Ontological modeling of subject area.
2. Graph database and storing data in the form of RDF triplets.
3. Access (DB) at the logical level.
4. Graphical interfaces in the form of a graph of knowledge.

We develop information systems, which are based on semantic…

Aleksandr Serbul

Neural networks and inverse index for chat bots – prompt answers to questions, automate technical support

In the report, we will share the experience of algorithmic and technical design of a platform using a neural network cluster (deeplearning4j), backward indices (lucene) and REST-web server (jetty) for mass maintenance of technical support dialogues for predicting probable answers to customer…

Aleksandr Serbul

Machine learning in e-commerce – practice of using and pitfalls

The report will allow to be oriented in a galaxy of modern algorithms of machine learning in the context of applied use for e-commerce and to select the necessary free libraries for the implementation of tasks. We will share practical experience and stories of the success of using these…

Anna Plemyashova

BigData – “oil” of digital transformation era

The world has changed and will never be the same. Data now is no longer just a set of quantitative elements, but an all-sufficient resource, that can provide unparallel competitive advantage. The purpose of this report is to present current best practices and real cases in predictive analytics…

Olga Benken

How to get rid of spaghetti architecture keeping up with changing requirements

I’m going to share with you how we managed to switch legacy point-to-point enterprise system to concept of integration architecture. Being integrated a component of the system gets rid of firm dependencies of neighbor components, can be developed independently but keeps and even extends…

Artem Vishnevsky

Homomorphic encryption for rational numbers

The method of secure computation based on completely homomorphic encryption is proposed, which differs from the known ones for the realization of secure computations with rational numbers.

Mikhail Matrosov

Reverting a merge. Without console.

If you are a little frustrated with what “reverting a merge” is, this talk is for you. Using this operation as an example, I will talk about some important yet non-obvious Git concepts, which we need in our daily work. Notably, I am not going to show a single console command, rather using…

Oscar Rodriguez

JetBrains MPS: Create a programming language that the whole company can understand.

Watch the benefits of creating a programming language that the whole company can understand. With MPS tool you can build powerful domain specific languages.

Preferred audience are IT consultants, Product & Project Managers, testers and decision makers.

secr-speakerJurgis Ostasius

What you should know about Systems Thinking to succeed in Agile projects

Understanding the importance of Systems Thinking and Agile is critical in order to succeed in today’s ever-changing environment.

In my presentation I will share several most effective Systems Thinking practices and methodologies together with real life examples so You could too increase…

Zurab Belyi

PouchDB or What to Do When the “Internet Is Stable”

In the report I’m going to tell you about a database written in JavaScript – PouchDB, I will try to provide a broad overview of the ways the database functions. I will delve into the conditions under which it will operate and for which purposes it can be used. Furthermore, I will provide…

Dmitry Myakishev

The Third Way: Iterative-Determined Method of Sofware Systems Designing

A method for control systems software designing based on the use of a of the software architecture metamodel – the basic structure, is proposed. The proposed method allows to systematize the design processes, to give iterations a regular formalized character, to rationalize the design…

Alexey Losev

Deadline compliance in Agile

If the participants, who are lucky to work using flexible methodologies, have problems with meeting deadlines, then they definitely need to schedule visiting my report. After it, they will be able to draw an approach that will allow them to estimate the timelines and answer new requests…

Anton Semenchenko

Metrics in testing

Metrics in testing, including automation – is one of the most popular topics almost on every IT conference, elegant mechanism of feedback, a way of building communication with the customer and many more.

Classification, definitions, acceptance criteria, boundary values, correlation, ways…

Anton Semenchenko

Hegel’s Dialectics and Sedov law as a way of verifying IT trends with Automation testing examples

Understanding of the future of the field – a unique advantage. The company and each employee wants to know what languages, tools, approaches will be on demand tomorrow, and which of them are evolutional “dead ends” and can solve tasks of today, but will be extinct like dinosaurs tomorrow. We…

Anton Semenchenko

Implementing, intruding and adapting ROI Calculator for Automated testing

We’re going to talk about successful use of ROI Calculator for QA Automation, formulate the algorithm of selling the automation to the external customer. Algorithm consists of 5 steps. 4 documents are input parameters, 5 documents are output.

Elena Klyueva

“Where to Grow”. A comedy in 3 acts

“Where to Grow”. A comedy in 3 acts.
Play length: 20 minutes. No intermission.

Actors and performers:
Senior Smit – Alexander Kutsan
Miss Middle – Yelena Kluyeva

The act takes place in a typical European office company called ASCD (Abstract Software Development…

Sergey Zykov

Architecting the Open Education: The Integrated Metadata Warehouse

This paper proposes an integrated approach for data warehousing of the educational metadata in the area of open educational resources (OER). The aim is designing an architecture that integrates automatic metadata extraction and rule-based methods to better utilize the OER. This architecture…

secr-speakerSerge Zhukov

Building the software for managing controllers on the base of open interfaces: IPMI, HPI, RedFish.

Building the architecture of managing controller software on the base of the SAF HPI interface is described. At the lower level, the managing controller communicates with non-intelligent devices and with IPMI-based intelligent controllers. At the higher level, the managing controller implements…

Sergey Karlov

Developing the mobile application with the Voice interface

Report deals with developing voice interface of mobile application.
The next topics will be discussed:
– synthesis of speech;
– man’s speech recognition;
– data models for dialogue with the user.

Dmitry Egorov

Critical Chain Waterfall vs Agile. Experience of the joint application of the Critical Chain and Agile methods in software development projects: boundaries and areas of application and interactions

In communities associated with project management, there is often a fierce debate about the applicability or inapplicability of approaches based on particular management practices related to the application of the work breakdown structure. An opinion is expressed that these approaches are not…

Dmitry Egorov

Development of product and and work structure using Thinking processes of Theory of Constraints and Lean Engineering Methods

The most common mistake in the project planning process is the inadequate analysis of the initial requirements for the product and the necessary conditions for its development.

I’d like to present yourself with formalized tools for identifying the necessary conditions and…

secr-speakerVladimir Dmitriev

Native language interface for providing speech control, information support and training for people with special needs and limited health opportunities

The work has developed a natural language interface for providing speech control, information support and training for people with special needs. The requirements to the program of the natural language interface for people with special needs are considered. Six main modes of operation of the…

secr-speakerDmitry Rassolov

How we collected statistics by mailing to ClickHouse

I’m going to share our experience to building mailing statistic storage based on ClickHouse.

Anastasiia Telnykh

The history of the alteration of the cash register under the 54-fz. To be in time for 24 hours.

From July 1, 2017, the law on “online ticket offices” came into force. Here is a story about how the self-written software was modified so that the new cash registers could work correctly, and the old ones, which did not have time to update the hardware, did not fall off.

Ivan Volkov

How to develop convenient mobile application in mobile health field using DiaMeter (diabetes management mobile application and web-service) as an example

How to create a mobile application in the field of mobile health from the idea to the final result.

This report will tell you about the problems that have arisen in the process and how we solved them, as well as about the decisions that were made during the user interface design.

secr-speakerIurii Medvedev

Packer to be or not to be

Would you like to create virtual machines locally and in the clouds on the same command? Of course you would!

So we take Packer and start creating magic.

secr-speakerMargarita Mukovozchik

How to make money on technical documentation. Usually documentation is considered to be a cost item, but let’s make it an income item!

The report reveals the following issues:
– Why is it so important to document IT projects / products in a properly way.
– What is important to pay attention during developing documentation.
– How and whom it’s effectively to sell technical documentation.

Alexey Vasilyev

Architecture risks decreasing

When we apply some architecture solution we use our intuition and benefits. But when we fails then project overcomes schedule and budget.

Andrey Vlasov

Visual Methods of Formalization of Knowledge in the Conditions of the Synchronous Technologies of System Engineering

The research deals with prospects to implement the synchronous technology to process/transfer knowledge with visual methods in crosscutting project-based learning. The method has been proposed to formalize the information about complicated production systems based on the visual cognitive…

Svetlana Novikova

Confluence and collaborative documentation: capabilities and pitfalls

Atlassian Confluence is a widely used tool for corporate documentation and knowledge management. It has a lot of capabilities, but at the same time lots of restrictions.

secr-speakerNikolay Sokolovskiy

Reverse Engineering of Requirements. Anti-patterns

We will talk about worst practices of reverse engineering of requirements with examples. Also we will discuss what is root of problems and how to avoid them.

Alexander Ryabinin

How to train a dragon, whose name is MS Project Server in small IT-company

I’ll tell you a short story about the implementation of Project Server (successes and failures) in our company and show workflow all of our projects. I’ll tell you what we do with the received data for analytics.

Tatyana Fokina

How to find, train and integrate a technical writer into your team

How to find a techwriter and include him into your team. What are they for, and what should you expect from them. What problems can arise in his tasks.

Rodion Nagornov

Knowledge Management in Kaspersky Lab

This presentation examines the process of creating and developing a knowledge management system for a large company with offices all over the world. It explores the difficulties that a knowledge management specialist might encounter when creating such a system, as well as the measures that have…

Dina Moschina

Documentation and corporate knowledge: what can go wrong. Typical problems of knowledge management in companies

Stereotypes and problems that are typical for documentation process in the company. Can we solve these problems?

User’s portrait – how we can use it and why it can be very helpful for technical writer. Special instruments for writing – to use or not to use. One for all…

Maria Bolshakova

User-oriented content: the battle for efficiency

Kaspersky Lab releases dozens of products every year and has to support all of them. How does the support website help us provide efficient support for our customers? How to measure and enhance the effectiveness of the content? In this talk, we are going to answer these questions. Also, we will…

Luis Olsina

Specifying MobileApp Quality Characteristics that May Influence Trust

The sharing economy, brought to us via mobile and cloud technologies, has transformed our lives. While making our lives more convenient and cost effective, sharing also implies trust; trust not only between people, but trust based on interconnections between people and software. Trust is not an…

Oleg Vlasenko

Developers vs degree How an IT company can help or distract the students from getting their degree

It is not a surprise that smart IT students work in the sphere even before they got their degree. It can be a distraction from their future career, but it helps most of them. For a company that decided to hire students, their education is one big headache (you can’t fully involve the…

Dmitriy Makarenko

Utility Analysis for Cross-Browser Web Applications Testing

A utility analysis will be conducted in the report for cross-browser web applications testing. As a result, recommendations will be created for using utilities for reducing time to be spent on cross-browser testing.

Main goal of the report is presenting results of a research.

Alexey Kanatov

SLang: current status and next steps

This talk gives overview of the SLang programming language, its differentiating features like multiple inheritance with conflicts and multiple overriding, modules-classes-types as unified concept together with standalone routines, NULL absence, constant objects, extended overloading and other…

Tigran Bayburtsyan

Lets keep TCP connections alive and save the world!

Currently almost all networking applications working with Request -> Response cycle, by opening and closing TCP connections, which is giving short term advantage of easy programming, but in a long term it’s hard to manage and it’s decreasing networking performance.

Keeping TCP…

Vitaliy Zarubin

Mobile app efficiency evaluation within the bounds of business. Analysis and methodology.

As strange as it is, the process of the business analytics product is extremely rarely devoted its due amount of time and effort. In the majority of cases, this all ends with the integration of an analytics system itself, for instance Google Analytics.

After this, presumptions are made…

Matt Schuetze

Are you Feeling Lucky? Casino Games, IoT, and Java

Java is a great system for making casino games. Interfacing them with physical hardware takes PC games you write yourself a lot closer to their Vegas or Macau counterparts. This talk explores cryptographically strong random number generators. It also shows using elements of IoT to provide…

Marc Djeguede

Semantic modeling of 3D content using X3DOM

The topic of this article is “Semantic modeling of 3D content using the X3DOM library”. In this paper we review the methodology of semantic modeling, modern technologies for building a semantic network, modern 3D content display environments, architecture and application development…

Renat Zaripov

Automating PACS server testing with DevOps

The report will present a phased in test automation in a resource-constrained environment . I’ll tell you how we moved beyond manual testing to autotests, and how DevOps principles and tools had helped us.

Oleg Aslamov

Using modeling to manage the architecture of complex systems, or how to keep an eye on 10000 forms

I’m going to share the many years of experience I have in modeling complex database-based systems. I’ll tell you about how we’ve gone from using standard design tools to creating our own and which modeling languages have appeared during this time. How we model business objects…

Fedor Krasnov

Machine learning approach to EOR research

The authors found that in addition to traditional computational experiments on a regular grid, computation using machine learning algorithms can become more productive to reseach Enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Vladimir Trubnikov

Load testing based on Selenium tests (and not only)

In this report I’ll talk about experience of building a system for execution load tests based on existing functional tests for web-applications. I’m going to tell how do we use Jenkins for that and what are the issues which we got on this way.

Felice Pescatore

AgileIoT: Agile meets Internet of Things

In this talk we will introduce AgileIoT, the disciplined Agile approach dedicated to the world of the Internet of Things. AgileIoT was born from the awareness that teams cannot address the governance and development of an industrial IoT solution borrowing approaches from the world of software,…

Vladimir Trubnikov

How Cossacks moved the code

In the report, I’ll talk about the experience and approaches for building a fully automated process for deploying a multi-component application. It includes end-to-end automatic versioning, building, storage, deployment, testing, storage and preliminary analysis of test results for all…

secr-speakerAndrey Kirillov

Building Motivation System in Software Development Company

In general, company consist of two core part: Delivery and Cost Centers (HR, Marketing etc.). How we can build motivation system in company for full alignment Delivery KPIs with Company goals and fully alignment Cost Centers KPIs with Delivery expectations and also with Company goals.

Sergey Gerasimov

Continuous Delivery Pipeline in Mixed Environments

The practical experience of deploying Web applications in different environments (including cloud-based) using the Continuous Delivery method. An overview of the solution structure and the technologies used: Docker, Rancher, Ansible, Selenium Grid, GoCD, DigitalOcean, GitLab. Problems…

Vitaliy Zarubin

Scrum + DevOps = The Perfect Project

Thanks to Agile’s approach, the process of constant software supply has become a reality. What has become just as real is the uncontrolled domination of bugs arising in such type of software developed. The issue is that development isn’t managing to complete full quality control, meanwhile the…

Sergey Temerkhanov

ARMv8 systems firmware architecture

The presentation describes software design and interoperation of ARMv8 firmware components in server/microserver (optionally embedded) systems

Ovanes Mikhaylov

7 steps of international success. Step-by-step guide from launching a start-up to gaining leadership in the global market.

The presentation consists of a detailed consecration of 7 steps to the conquest of the international software market, cloud services, information and services. The report reflects the contents of my book, which is being prepared in the publication of Push-books. Its built on many years of…

secr-speakerVitaliy Podkolzin

The portability of Embedded Software. Problems and solutions.

The presentation reveals the common problems of the portability of embedded software and it proposes methodologies to solve these problems. The methodologies also allow improving an architecture of embedded software in general. The presentation is intended for beginner and advanced developers…

Denis Yakovlev

How to make developers and operations work together in peace

The usual problem – developers wants to make many changes, operations wants to have stable working services. In my speech I will show how we solve this problem in our company. There will be information about technical and organizational aspects of the problem. My expierence is 2 years as…

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