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Dmitriy Makarenko

Utility Analysis for Cross-Browser Web Applications Testing

A utility analysis will be conducted in the report for cross-browser web applications testing. As a result, recommendations will be created for using utilities for reducing time to be spent on cross-browser testing.

Alexey Kanatov

SLang: current status and next steps

This talk gives overview of the SLang programming language, its differentiating features, background and positioning. It highlights why the project has been started, its current state and future plans. The concepts which differ from well-known programming languages are presented in details.

Tigran Bayburtsyan

Lets keep TCP connections alive and save the world!

Currently almost all networking applications working with Request -> Response cycle, by opening and closing TCP connections, which is giving short term advantage of easy programming, but in a long term it’s hard to manage and it’s decreasing networking performance.

Keeping TCP…

Vitaliy Zarubin

Business analytics of mobile application. Analysis and techniques.

Ironically, metrics do not play the most important role in the development and strategic planning of a product. In most cases, if there is analysis, it is rather a high-level estimate based on growth metrics. They may play a cruel joke and do not display real numbers, coverage of needs and user…

Matt Schuetze

Are you Feeling Lucky? Casino Games, IoT, and Java

Java is a great system for making casino games. Interfacing them with physical hardware takes PC games you write yourself a lot closer to their Vegas or Macau counterparts. This talk explores cryptographically strong random number generators. It also shows using elements of IoT to provide…

Marc Djeguede

Semantic modeling of 3D content using X3DOM

This article is devoted to the topic “Semantic modeling of 3D content using the X3DOM library”. In this paper we give an overview of the semantic modeling methodology, modern technologies for building a semantic network, modern 3D content display environments, architecture and…

Renat Zaripov

Automating PACS server testing with DevOps

The report will present a phased in test automation in a resource-constrained environment . I’ll tell you how we moved beyond manual testing to autotests, and how DevOps principles and tools had helped us.

Oleg Aslamov

Using modeling to manage the architecture of complex systems, or how to keep an eye on 10000 forms

I’m going to share the many years of experience I have in modeling complex database-based systems. I’ll tell you about how we’ve gone from using standard design tools to creating our own and which modeling languages have appeared during this time. How we model business objects…

Fedor Krasnov

Machine learn approach to EOR research

The authors found that in addition to traditional computational experiments on a regular grid, computation using machine learning algorithms can become more productive to reseach Enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Vladimir Trubnikov

Load testing based on Selenium tests (and not only)

In this report I’ll talk about experience of building a system for execution load tests based on existing functional tests for web-applications. I’m going to tell how do we use Jenkins for that and what are the issues which we got on this way.

Felice Pescatore

AgileIoT: Agile meets Internet of Things

In this talk we will introduce AgileIoT, the disciplined Agile approach dedicated to the world of the Internet of Things. AgileIoT was born from the awareness that teams cannot address the governance and development of an industrial IoT solution borrowing approaches from the world of software,…

Vladimir Trubnikov

How Cossacks moved the code

In the report, I’ll talk about the experience and approaches for building a fully automated process for deploying a multi-component application. It includes end-to-end automatic versioning, building, storage, deployment, testing, storage and preliminary analysis of test results for all…

secr-speakerAndrey Kirillov

Building Motivation System in Software Development Company

In general, company consist of two core part: Delivery and Cost Centers (HR, Marketing etc.). How we can build motivation system in company for full alignment Delivery KPIs with Company goals and fully alignment Cost Centers KPIs with Delivery expectations and also with Company goals.

Sergey Gerasimov

Continuous Delivery Pipeline in Mixed Environments

The practical experience of deploying Web applications in different environments (including cloud-based) using the Continuous Delivery method. An overview of the solution structure and the technologies used: Docker, Rancher, Ansible, Selenium Grid, GoCD, DigitalOcean, GitLab. Problems…

Vitaliy Zarubin

Scrum + DevOps = Ideal project

Scrum’s goal is in team organization and motivation in continuous software delivery process in time. At the same time, technological process could be organized not really well and it would affect product development timelines, new features development or on improving existing functionality.…

Egor Soskovets

Systematization of competences for the employees improvement

Each employee on the way of his formation and development faces difficult questions: where to evolve, what I lack for success, etc. In my report, I consider a systematic approach to the problem of improvement and development of employees of any specialization within the company.

Sergey Temerkhanov

ARMv8 systems firmware architecture

The presentation describes software design and interoperation of ARMv8 firmware components in server/microserver (optionally embedded) systems

Ovanes Mikhaylov

7 steps of international success. Step-by-Step Guide to the CEO from starting a start-up to gaining leadership in the global market.

The presentation consists of a detailed consecration of 7 steps to the conquest of the international software market, cloud services, information and services. The report reflects the contents of the book of the same name, which is being prepared in the publication of Push-books, and is built…

secr-speakerVitaliy Podkolzin

The portability of Embedded Software. Problems and solutions.

The portability of embedded software is an important feature that essentially affects both costs of supporting/modifying of existing embedded software and costs of new software development.

The presentation considers common issues, which may prevent embedded software to be ported to a…

Denis Yakovlev

How to make developers and operations work together in peace

The usual problem – developers wants to make many changes, operations wants to have stable working services. In my speech I will show how we solve this problem in our company. There will be information about technical and organizational aspects of the problem.

There were several…

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