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Are you Feeling Lucky? Casino Games, IoT, and Java

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Java is a great system for making casino games. Interfacing them with physical hardware takes PC games you write yourself a lot closer to their Vegas or Macau counterparts. This talk explores cryptographically strong random number generators. It also shows using elements of IoT to provide physical hardware to implement random chance, shows a few cool sources of entropy, and outlines the direct coupling with Java’s security providers. Still think this is just a game? Casinos grossed $317 billion USD in 2015 alone. Gaming is big money, too.

Matt Schuetze

Senior Director of Product Management, Azul Systems

Matt Schuetze is the Senior Director of Product Management at Azul Systems. He is responsible for managing requirements and charting product roadmaps for Zing and Zulu, Azul’s two Java runtime product families. He is excited to help usher in the budding Zulu Embedded product offering from Azul, covering aspects of both industrial and consumer embedded applications. He has a Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from MIT, and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Michigan.

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