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Cloud computing is a disruptive phenomenon, with the potential to make IT organizations more responsive than ever. Cloud computing promises economic advantages, speed, agility, flexibility, infinite elasticity and innovation. How will you phase your organization into cloud computing? According to Gartner, the convergence of cloud and mobile computing will continue to promote the growth of centrally coordinated applications that can be delivered to any device. In this section, we would like to emphasize several trends and talks on those points are highly welcomed:

  1. The continued rise of cloudops. Cloudops is anything to do with operating systems in public or private clouds. It focuses on security, management, monitoring, and governance, as well as being proactive with how systems run over a long period of time. Doing so means using predictive analytics to determine when performance will become an issue, or when you see patterns emerge that show the likelihood of a breach.
  2. The continued explosion of containers. They are growing in popularity because they push a commonsense approach to building new distributed applications in the cloud, as well as “containerizing” existing applications. There are still missing pieces, such as networking and security services, that need to be shored up before this stuff is completely enterprise-ready.

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