Agile + Lean: complex approach to the company changes

October 21, 13:10
Room I

Agile and Scrum are very popular nowdays. We are approached by a huge number of companies with requests to implement Agile practices and train hundreds of employees. But is it always necessary, and most importantly, is Agile / Scrum always fit?

Our long-term experience with the largest companies has taught us that the work of any organization should be divided into two types: project work and operational processes.

The first view is beautifully transformed with flexible techniques, and Agile here is an excellent solution for getting great results.

But for the operational processes, the work that is repeated day-to-day without significant changes, Agile has nothing to offer. This requires a systematic approach to improve business processes – this is Lean Six Sigma.

Some really great results for profit, speed and customer loyalty can be achieved only by carrying out a complex transformation, affecting both the project part of the company, which drives the changes, and the operational units.

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