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Lets keep TCP connections alive and save the world!

Currently almost all networking applications working with Request -> Response cycle, by opening and closing TCP connections, which is giving short term advantage of easy programming, but in a long term it’s hard to manage and it’s decreasing networking performance.

Keeping TCP connections alive giving over 22% faster data transfers and it’s easy to monitor services, it is less traffic and key point is that it’s super scalable.

And obviously now it is possible!!

Tigran Bayburtsyan

CEO, TreeScale.com

Coming from full-stack software development background I’ve done 2 previous startup project which ended up as a software acquisition.

Most of my career I’ve done Freelance projects and have been focused on building reliable, scalable applications with modular system. Contributed to open source projects like VirtualBox, Nginx and Rust.

Currently running company TreeScale.com, which is scalable PubSub system technology, which is helping to build efficient and scalable services like Private Docker Registry, image processing system for PicsArt.com, monitoring system for AdValidation etc…

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