Getting Started with Watson APIs on Cloud

21 октября 2017, 11:50–13:40

На английском без перевода
Бесплатно для участников конференции.

This hands-on (workshop), technical session demonstrates the key capabilities of Bluemix and Watson services. Attendees will first learn how to play with Node-RED and Watson services such as Text To Speech, Speech to Text, Conversation, Tone Analyzer, then they will learn how to integrate Watson services in a web application with an interface using Node.js. This lab will give attendees a jump-start on each of these APIs.

Target audience: Anyone (developers or not). We will just use a bit of Javascript. Please, bring your laptops with you. The hands-on labs do not require any other prerequisite than having a IBM Bluemix trial account: https://console.bluemix.net/registration/trial

For the ones who want to go deeper, it would be recommended to install:

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